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Transportation continues to improve the future outlook of DeSoto Parish. Mansfield is located on two federal highways, U.S. 171 and 84, and is served by three state highways. Interstate 49 connects DeSoto Parish with the rest of Louisiana and provides access to destinations all over the South. I-49 intersects with I-20 in nearby Shreveport which serves as a direct route to both Dallas and Atlanta. I-49 leads south to Lafayette and once completed will run north to Kansas City.


Since the completion of the Red River Waterway project in 1997, the entire region is once again open to domestic and foreign markets. The Port lies only minutes away from DeSoto Parish and provides access for local and regional businesses to reach those markets. In the future, activity will increase on the Red River and its proximity will no doubt increase commerce for DeSoto Parish and the entire area.


DeSoto Airport is a single-runway airport located right in the heart of the parish. The airport boasts a lighted 4,500 ft. runway and fuel is available. The nearest commercial airport is Shreveport Regional Airport located 41 miles away.

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